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September 23, 2013


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Featured: Hannibal - Part 1

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 23, 2013, 1:04 AM
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<span class="">I'm right now obsessed by this show, NBC Hannibal. So, until I get the premium membership, I decided to put in my journal a collection of my favorite fanarts, to put me in a good mood every time I log in to my account<span class="">.
This is the first part of the tribute, the second part will be posted probably on Halloween night, yay!
If you find some fanart really interesting that Isn't in this journal, comment with the link, please! :heart:


Personal tribute (my fanart<span class="">s)</span>

<span class=""></span>

Hannibal - Beautiful trap by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal - The Devil, of course by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal - The crown by FuriarossaAndMimma
Hannibal - Modus Operandi by FuriarossaAndMimmaChibi Abigail Hobbs by FuriarossaAndMimmaChibi Hannibal - Therapeutic by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal and Furia - Cooking with Heart by FuriarossaAndMimma
Chibi Hannibal - Franklyn tribute by FuriarossaAndMimmaChibi Hannibal - Alana and Hannibal by FuriarossaAndMimmaChibi Hannibal - Chilton and Lecter by FuriarossaAndMimmaChibi Hannibal - Bedelia and Hannibal by FuriarossaAndMimma
Killers in Hannibal... by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannigram 1 by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal - Antler velvet and much more by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal - Sometimes is difficult to concentrate.. by FuriarossaAndMimmaDr Lecter and Mr Finch - We are faboulous by FuriarossaAndMimmaWill Graham and Sebastian Michaelis by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal - preparation for the final episode by FuriarossaAndMimmaWendigo 2 by FuriarossaAndMimmaPokennibal - Will and the baltiny by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal - meat and fish by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal-pokemon by FuriarossaAndMimmaThis is my design cookies - Before baking by FuriarossaAndMimmaThis is my design cookies - Before baking - Detail by FuriarossaAndMimmaThis is my design cookies - Stag by FuriarossaAndMimma
Hannibal - Bad Romance by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal - Halloween 1 by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal - Halloween 2 by FuriarossaAndMimma
Chibi - my favorite actors in my favorite roles by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal and The Way of Legend - Role swap by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal - Will is not amused by FuriarossaAndMimma

My favorite fanarts:

Hannibal by May-dariHanniblaaaa by Rockman0This is My Design by TyrineCarverHannibal Lecter by xEmmex

Hannibal - Connect by shinjyuParanoia by amidarosaHannigram by PatatatHannibal - La Pomme de Mort by Petite-Madamemeat throne by gunmettle

abduction by tuxedospieta by tuxedosThey Know by erebus-odora
Hannibal by FrodosHannibal: Bon Appetit by seikuyathe animated cannibal series by vectorsmashfamily halloween by cremena(nbc Hannibal) Food And Feels by blacktenshi22

Welcome by Jafean<da:thumb id="405749759"/>Hannibal : The Red by mrok2648

hunted by a freak by gunmettleDr.Hannibal Lecter by kanapy-artet maintenant nous sommes tous seuls by neomeruru_Sharing_ by SerLuxferoHANNIBAL - Little Deer by Sayael

The Reflection by FrejaFenris
Hannibal-Murder Family by LucLeonThe Devil You Know by Sanguine-SkyHannibal Lecter by AmandaTolleson
Hannibal by rynisyouHannibal by velvet-toucher
Hannibal Crossing the Crazy by LizzuzciHannibal Fan Art by AnimaEternaHannibal - Burden by garikalievHannibal - Lightkeeper (Lead the way) by garikaliev

See by crow821Hannibal - Frelser by looklooklookitabookWill Graham by margawThis, Is My Design by SihxAlternate ending. by crow821
hannibal dump by Choco-BeeMirror mirror by JafeanIllustration practice by crow821Dr Hannibal by GakiWhoDoctor Lecter by doctorhojoWill Graham: Fear is in the Mind by Bokkeh
The Good Doctor by BestriceDer Nachtmahr by plushfoxcannibal by tuxedos(Comic) The Adventures of Hannibal the Cannibal #3 by ekzotik
NBC's Hannibal by DarkNowaHannibal by ArmeleiaMads!!! by yangStreetHannibal by m-maki-mCrime scene by thewomaninredThe Yearbook (NBC Hannibal) by Happy-Bomber
floral crown by JamesTheSharkHannibal by teralilacHannibal: What do you see? by nowwheresmynut

HANNIBAL: Mystery River page 01 by RinGreenHANNIBAL: Mystery River page 02 by garikalievHANNIBAL: Mystery River page 3 by RinGreenA Painting of Dr Hannibal Lecter by jht888

Hannibal Lecter + Alana Bloom by JokerxRachelxNUTClannibal by HyokHannibal - Chef Almighty by kk130Will + Beverly: Team Bad-Ass by JokerxRachelxNUTYou are my design by Nunar

Hannibal by Ita-chaaanHANNIBAL: Sausage Family , Nothing Vegetarian by RinGreenHannibal-Wendigo by LucLeonWill Graham by AkiMao
Beautiful Mind by bANANA-jAMThe face of a nightmare... by SylliriumSleep tight by SylliriumMirrors of your Soul... by SylliriumAm I Going Insane? by SylliriumWill Graham by kk130Nothing is Vegetarian by dashima<da:thumb id="395597570"/>This Is My Design by LindaMarieAnsonHannibal by by HarciCzukorReality by LESS39hello dear by manofmachine... it rhymes. by ShadowSeason
Hannibal: Hooked by verilyvexed(Hannibal-Will Graham) Afternoon Routine by felisselitaHANNIBAL: Day 1 - Holding hands by RinGreenWill Graham: Fear is in the Mind by Bokkeh
hannibal 'not a model' lecter by Floyd46Cooking Hannibal - Dinner with Friends by caycowa

Hannibal Study03 by RED-EliceHannibal's menagerie by yuralockHannibal: Home by nowwheresmynutI'll Eat You Up by ValiantParadoxHANNIBAL by Ubludok24See, the dead ain't tourin' by OathToOrderHannibal by ViaEstelarGORACO by butterflybudda

HANNIBAL: Day 2 - Cuddling somewhere by RinGreen<da:thumb id="376574481"/>Sweetling by RikoJasmineMajestic beast by DoeMaarWiebeleAutopsy by charlotvanh
Hannibal - Red Thread by Moonlight-Mage-Shirohannibal by Sairobifever dream by gunmettle

This is My Design by Bokkeh

Hannibal NBC - prison by Eneada

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Brushes by gvalkyrie
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